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Add Dimension, specializes in creating visual content for all platforms and technologies. Established in 2005, we cater for the Arab region with a deep understanding of the culture and its requirements but with our ideals set on a global future. Add, has close relationships with a wide network of local and international companies along with renowned artists, producers and directors.

Add, specializes in creating:
Promotional video (advertisements), corporate video, documentaries, television production and formats, audiovisual materials, promotions, live event video, 2D and 3D movies, animation and video effects

Our Vision

Imagination, Inspiration & Innovation, operating with Honesty, perfection, above all creativity and deliverability! Those are the values that we uphold, and we make it our mission to fulfil each and every promise we make to our customers. Delivering on time and budget to the very best international standard.

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In our endless pursuit and passion for content creation, we at Add, offer the following services:

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